Sunday, April 10, 2011

Church of the Harvest
Prophetic Assembly
April 6, 2008

Charlie & Kelly Teater

Moses Veigh
Bob Isabell
Brad Neuschwander

Moses Veigh
You know I just want to tell you brother, God really has his hand on your life and I heard the Holy Spirit speaking to me, I believe, when He said don’t even consider the former things. Don’t even remember the days of old. There have been hurts and wounds from the past that have seemingly been healed over, but they still bear a lot of memory to you. But today the Lord said don’t even consider the former things or the things of the past, behold I’m doing a new thing now. And sister, this is what you have been praying for. You have been crying out to God. You have interceded. You’ve come and wept on the altar. There’ve been tears that have flowed for a real joining together of your hearts and lives in the house of the Lord. You love one another, you people are good people, but the enemy has tried to hold, hold you back from your utmost because of the devices of the devil to try and make you look back. Here is what God said, I don’t want you looking back to what used to be but I’m gonna do a new thing now. He said I’m not gonna move you, but I’m gonna turn your desert into a joyful river. Come on. I’m gonna put a river there. And He said I’m gonna put a way, a highway in your wilderness. Now He said I’m not gonna move you from where you are, I’m just gonna change your environment. I’m gonna do some construction work. Hallelujah. God makes rivers. God makes highways. Amen? And He’s gonna make a way for you in your situation where you have been frustrated and saying how can I ever get out of this thing? And God says I know the way out. Praise God. And He loves you brother. He’s been doggin you for a long time and you know that. And you’ve been kind of skirting around it, and so well, not me, I’m not worthy and all of that. Let me tell you something – you are precious in His sight. He paid a big price for you on the cross – for the both of you. And you’re going home a happy momma. You’re going home to a different man. You’re going home to a transformed family. Hallelujah. Amen? This is going to be God’s day – join your hands together – I know you guys love one another and I know the enemy has tried his utmost to just bring that kind of division in thought, but you know we’re not going to let that happen. Amen. From this night on we’re going to go on. God said behold I am going to do a new thing, I don’t know what the new thing means to you, but boy I’m excited about you. I’m gonna do a new thing, I’m going to do make a new man out of this guy – He’s going to get up in the morning and say honey, let’s pray. Let’s pray. You’re gonna move into a whole new order brother - the order of the high priest of your house. You’re gonna have authority in the name of Jesus. I don’t mean you’re going to get religious. You don’t have to get religious, don’t do that. Just have to full of the Holy Ghost and let God just saturate your lives and you are going to take the helm of the house and say that “as for me and my house, we are gonna serve the Lord.” Do you have children? They’re gonna see it. They’re gonna say, what ever happened to Dad? Hallelujah. Amen. And that’s what you’ve been wanting. You’ve been wanting that brother. I spoke with you this morning and you spoke to me, didn’t you, back here? God put you in my heart, I didn’t know who you were. I didn’t know you were coming up here to be ministered to or not. But I felt that in my heart, God was really doing something in your life. I’m not going to tell what you shared, it doesn’t matter the point is it was very real to me and I’m convinced that God ordered this night for you people to be transformed. And this is gonna be, listen, this is gonna be one of many families in this whole community that are going to be touched by God.
And you know, there was a couple in the Bible who was named Aquilla and Priscilla – Aquilla, Priscilla. I believe that’s the way it goes. Its male, female. Okay. And these two people had a special touch of God on their life to expound the word of the Lord more perfectly to people who didn’t quite understand it. And there’s gonna be couples coming into this house very quickly, look out folks its going to happen, and we are going to need people like you just to take them by the arm and say let us tell you how wonderful Jesus is. Let us tell you what He did in our lives. I see you ministering to young couples in this house and you are going to teach these women how to love their husbands. You are going to say God did a miracle for me, He’ll do it for you. Amen? And God’s gonna change this whole atmosphere. Tonight, its all over. Don’t look back. You know you’ve got a whole lot bigger windshield in front of you, than a rearview mirror. Got it? Yeah, absolutely. You keep looking in a rearview mirror, you’ll have a wreck. But you look out and say Oh my God, the whole thing’s open to me now. Amen. Amen? And the cry of your hearts see, since you’ve been a very young person was to be involved in the work of the Lord, in the ministry, God’s called you from a child – I can see the call of God on you and the enemy has beat you over the head and say you blew it, you missed it, you’re not gonna…he’s a liar. He is a liar. God has not forgotten his covenants with you daughter because those prayers and those tears, and those intercessory prayers that you prayed have registered. And God is publicly announcing to this church, I’ve heard the prayer of this mamma. Hallelujah, and things will never be the same. Praise God. You are going home to a brand new house. You are going to say Shalom to your house. You got that this morning. And Amen. She’s been doing it, but God wants you to do it. Look out devil, he’s not coming near your place. He is in serious trouble. But you are gloriously set free tonight, amen. To be the kind of people God intended you to be. Amen? Is that okay brother? I hope you’re not embarrassed, because we wouldn’t do that. But I’m excited for you, I’m so excited for what I’m gonna hear about this family. And I am going to come back and check on you.

Brad Neuschwander
Amen. As I was just waiting on the Lord I saw several pictures come to mind. I want to start with the last one first. I saw a great catapult being tightened down and being filled with weighty rocks being launched into the atmosphere against the strongholds of the enemy. And I believe the Lord is speaking to you tonight sir and to you tonight ma’am that God’s wanting to touch you through the area of brokenness and humility to draw you to His side. The Bible said of Moses that he was the meekest man on the face of the earth. There was authority and a mantle under the control of humility and it comes by brokenness. And we know the scripture who can ascend to the hill of the Lord - those with clean hands and a pure heart. And really to get there you have to be broken. You have to be willing to say God, I’m gonna come to you in a new way I need to ascend to the top. And the Lord is actually, tonight for both of you, wanting to draw you closer into the heartbeat of prayer life together. Oh man of God, he’s going to change what you’ve thought of prayer. He’s going to change how you’ve viewed hearing the Lord just as He did with some rough and tumble fishermen, he’s desiring to do with you. It doesn’t matter if there’s not been classical education, sometimes it’s better that the Lord can begin to work in you the school of prayer, the Lord can begin to change you, because there’s been circumstances that have been working about that God can put a meekness and humility into your life that you’re going to be able to identify with the bumps and the scrapes of life of those who come in this door. It’s been said a few times tonight by Pastor Bob about the economy and the things and I’m telling you there are things in this world the Bible promises, Jesus promises, that they are just the beginning of woes. God’s gotta have people in this house that understand how to deal with people that have had some very hard speed bumps in life. You are going to immediately recognize as a couple those that have been fractured, those that have been bumped, those that have been bruised, those that have been in car wrecks along the way and God is calling you to come along side and how to lift them to the heart of the father. And as you do God will be loading the cannons of your prayer life with the stones of faith that will launch toward the strongholds that have held the people captive and it will be just like in that movie The Lord of the Rings where those stones will come crashing in to those strongholds and breaking apart the fortresses and the pillars that have kept the people in prison. It is an anointing that is coming upon your prayer life, its an anointing that the Lord wants to draw you in this house, that you might identify and say, “Let the people go! Let the healing balm of Gilead be released!” There’s a word of counsel in your spirits that God is simply taking from the things that you’ve walked through and you’re going to be so endearing, man of God. There’s going to be something about your hands when you grab their hands in prayer. There’s going to be something about your touch because you’ve learned through the school of brokenness that the love of God will impart through the both of you. There’s a coupling that’s coming tonight, and its happening right now-a tying together, a yoking together in the prayer and intercession ministry of this house. We yoke it, let it be established tonight. In Jesus’ name, let it come upon them in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.

Bob Isabell
Hallelujah. I think this is bigger than you guys are. I’m not sure, you expected quite what you are getting. But you know, God in His goodness knows what you need, doesn’t He and what he wants you to hear and see? Sorry about that. Hallelujah. I have a sense that this is a little bit unusual and new in a way to the two of you. That you know there used to be an old song we used to sing, Lift your vision high, you’re in a way you’ve never been before. And I, I want you to know that God has brought you into this house. You’re not here by mistake or accident. You’re not a misfit in the church, you belong. God has plugged you in and planted you in this house for a reason and you have to hear the word of the Lord. You know they could have said, no, don’t come up here. You could have decided this is not what you wanted but you chose to come and you got accepted. And God wants to make some things very clear to the two of you, that you count in the house of God, that you belong right here in this church. And that days of another time, and another season have been eradicated and lifted out of your life – the frustrations and the wounds and the hurts and only God knows how to tweak the man and the woman and tune you in to the place you need to be so you get a clear sound and a clear picture of what’s going on. I am here to tell you in honor of the two of you tonight that God has great need of you. When you came up I just had a sense of it, I didn’t know exactly how it was going to fit but as I hear all of this kind of unfolding I kind of had a sense of evangelism over your life. You know, if you just look at the people that come sometimes and you get these things, and you’re a little bit nervous about where you want to go but you can’t judge by that, you gotta go with what God says. And I am here to tell you that you’re not to be ashamed how the gospel of Jesus Christ – it is still the power of God unto salvation. It still changes lives and brings people into the house of God and what God has done for you, he will do for others. Now you’ve got a testimony that’s wrapped up in your life and there’s people you know even now, God has brought you through your seasons but guess what, you’re here, and you belong and you’re plugged in and I believe the Lord wants to lift off of you this – we’re not like the pastors, we’re not leaders in the house, we’re not this, we’re not that, you’ve got to get that out of your mind. You are here by the appointment of a divine savior who said, I want them in this house, and they belong. And all that being said, I just need to tell you now part of the prophetic, part of the word means to get behind and push. It’s a weight – it’s a push on your spirit. You forgive me for a moment for leaning on you like but you’ve got to get the point of what I’m saying. That the word of the Lord tonight is pushing you out of where you’ve been and out of your past and out of what you’re comfortable with, and out of your comfort zone and out of what you can’t do and into the purposes and will of God. If all you wanted and all you heard was what you’re already doing and where you’re at, you don’t need me as a prophet, you don’t need the word of the Lord. This is bigger than you and God is lifting you out of your yesterdays and your small thinking and your little world that’s had fences around you and this very night he brings you to a place in Him and sets you free in God. You will do the purposes in the will of God. You will not be captured by another season and another time any longer. You will accomplish all that God says you’ll accomplish because you are quality people, you belong to him and this is a good word over your life. Come on. Say I’m gonna accomplish this. (Charlie: “I’m gonna accomplish this.” Kelly: “I’m gonna accomplish this.”) Come on church give them a hand, they’re gonna do what God said they’re gonna do.

Moses Vegh
You know all these other guys are singing songs to the candidates, I think I got one. And I need some help. We used to sing that little chorus ♫“I’ll never be the same again, oh no. Never be the same again. I’ll never be the same again, oh no. Hallelujah. Since I found the Lord, I am not the same and I’ll never be the same again.”♫ Stand up. Hallelujah. (Repeat the song)
Glory to God. I want to pray over this man. I want him to be full of the Holy Ghost. Amen. If he’s not been baptized, he needs to be baptized. I don’t know where you are there, pal, God wants to give you the whole shot tonight. Hallelujah. Come on church. Receive the Holy Ghost, receive the Holy Ghost, out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. As the Holy Spirit gives you words, you say them. Speak them out brother. Don’t be ashamed, there’s nobody here but us. Oh thank you Jesus. Fill them full of the Holy Ghost. Don’t be ashamed brother, just speak it out, speak it out, its yours, the gift of the Holy Ghost, receive the Holy Ghost. Right now! Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. Fill him up Lord, fill him up Lord, fill him out Lord, Amen.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Only One

One heartbeat deep inside of me
One breath that flows so free
One Spirit who makes me see
One hope pursuing me

One love is all I have
One life, it's all I am
One God who sees me
One cross that set me free

This life I live
It's not my own
Ever growing
His seed was sown
Deep in my veins
I felt it first
His love so pure
Thought my heart would burst

A love so deep
I could not hide
Within His wings
Life to abide
He came and touched
A place once dead
Eternal life
His death in my 'stead